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Cream Dispensers

At Holywell Enterprises, we take pride in our high-quality range of professional whipped cream dispensers guaranteed to revolutionalize the way your establishment creates fresh cream.
Used in bars, restaurants, hotels and more for rapid flavour infusions; choose from a wide range of sizes below.

Buy Whipped Cream Dispensers for Bars, Restaurants & Hotels

Rapid flavour infusions need a reliable whipped cream dispenser; one that truly enhances the flavour of any drink, cocktail or dessert you have your eyes set on crafting.

At Holywell Enterprises, we sell the highest quality industrial whipped cream dispensers intended for hospitality use. Whether you’re a self-caterer for a small party or a hotel chain serving hundreds of customers every day, you can find the right size for you; choosing between 0.25L, 0.5L and 1L cream whipper options. 

Take your menu to the next level; leave your customers with a warm fuzzy feeling inside crafting up flavoured lattes, foamy hot chocolates and mind-bending milkshakes. Or let your mixologists reach their full potential, creating Espresso Martini’s, Piña Colada’s, Margarita’s and many more cocktails. 

How will a professional whipped cream dispenser help my business?

Maximised Efficiency: Manual whipping wastes time and resources; with an electric whipped cream dispenser, you can speed up preparations tenfold to produce large quantities of fresh whipping cream and infuse an endless sea of cocktails. Keep up with demand and make every customer experience the best it can be. 

Hygiene and Safety: Made from aluminium and stainless steel, whipped cream dispensers are easy-to-clean and ensure hygienic preparation. It becomes airtight when closed, preventing any potential contamination and keeping the cream as fresh as possible so you can comply with health & safety standards & regulations.

Consistency: Achieve the same results every single time; with precise control over the consistency, texture, and sweetness, a whipped cream dispenser will make sure there is no disparity between customer orders. 

Enhanced Customer Experience: With a whipped cream dispenser, you can truly let your customers indulge. Expand your menu to include a wide range of desserts, hot beverages, cocktails and speciality drinks that will keep customers coming back every week. 

Improve Your Menu With A Whipped Cream Dispenser

Whipped cream dispensers are versatile kitchen tools useful for many alcoholic, non-alcoholic & food creations. The following are just some examples you can try:

  • Beverages: Flavored Lattes, Foamy Hot Chocolate, Milkshakes
  • Cocktails: Coconut Cream Piña Colada, Espresso Martini, Mango Margarita Foam, Whiskey Sour Foam, Raspberry Fizz, Sparkling Cosmopolitan.
  • Food: Dressings and Vinaigrettes, Foams and Espumas, Hollandaise Sauce, Infused Creams, Mousse, Pancake and Waffle Batter, and of course, Whipped Cream!

With such wide versatility, bartenders & chefs alike can explore endless creative possibilities. Empower your employee’s vision and enhance the menu with a touch of innovation sprinkled in. 

Have a question about our stock?

Unsure of what size cream dispenser is right for your operation? Get in contact with us today at or drop us a call at +31 10 307 1006 and we’ll be happy to help.

At Holywell Enterprises, Customers Always Come First

At Holywell Enterprises, we serve the hospitality sector throughout Europe, helping both small and large establishments transform the way they create fresh whipped cream and infuse beverages. 

We take pride in our work, and thanks to our global supply chain, you can too. Buy a professional whipped cream dispenser today and revolutionise your operations for the better.

At Holywell Enterprises, we supply a wide range of dispensers to establishments; each often ordering dozens at a time. To discuss bulk orders more, get in contact with us today and we can arrange a bespoke quote based on your order quantity.
Whipped cream dispensers use nitrous oxide cartridges to pressurize the cream inside. When you open the valve, the pressurized gas forces the cream through a nozzle to create a light and fluffy whipped cream that’s perfect for topping your favourite desserts.
If you store your whipped cream in a dispenser and keep it refrigerated, you can expect it to stay fresh for about two weeks. The dispenser’s airtight seal is designed to preserve the cream’s freshness and prevent it from spoiling.