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Cream Chargers

At Holywell Enterprises, you can find a wide range of culinary-grade whipped cream chargers destined to put a smile on the face of your customers.

Whether you’re whipping up consistent results, getting fanciful with the flavouring or need a large nitrous oxide supply; we have you covered.

Join hundreds of happy bars & restaurants today and browse our professional whipped cream chargers below.

Buy Culinary-Grade Nitrous Oxide & Whipped Cream Chargers Wholesale 

Whipped cream from a can is the opposite of professional, and hand-whipping it will often take far too long for it to be sustainable. That’s where whipped cream chargers come in; simply insert one into a whipped cream dispenser and see results in seconds.

At Holywell Enterprises, we use culinary-grade nitrous oxide to ensure the highest quality in every cream charger supplied. Whether you’re trialling menu options and experimenting with different cream chargers, or a frequent user looking for a reliable nitrous oxide supplier, we have you covered.

Our range includes standard 8g cream chargers, flavoured cream chargers and large nitrous oxide tanks – all of which are available for wholesale orders. 

Give Your Customers The Taste They Deserve

No industrial aftertaste: When you shop with Holywell Enterprises, you can expect consistency across every charger. That means no duds & especially no lingering oily aftertaste. We make sure every charger undergoes strict quality control measures to ensure the highest quality in each one. 

Long-lasting: Whipped cream chargers are made from recyclable steel and have a zinc coating to prevent them from rusting. As long as the charger remains unused, you won’t have to worry about them going bad or leaking – in fact, they’ll be usable for years into the future. 

Recyclable: Each charger is made from 100% recyclable steel, making them almost guilt-free to dispose of – just make sure to check with your local authorities on guidelines, as some deem them to be recyclable and others as general waste. 

Consistency: Achieve the same great-tasting results every single time; with control over the consistency, texture, and sweetness, a whipped cream charger ensures every customer recieves the same experience. 

Enhanced Customer Experience: With whipped cream chargers, your customers can finally indulge in cream the way it’s meant to. Expand your selection to include a wide range of desserts, hot beverages, cocktails and speciality drinks that will keep your customers excited. 

Do I Need A Cream Charger Cartridge Or An N2o Tank?

When deciding between a cream charger and a nitrous oxide tank, you might want to consider a few things.

Cream chargers are incredibly cost-effective to use and a lot more convenient to store compared to a nitrous oxide tank. 

However, one of their biggest drawbacks, especially when used in a professional setting, is the time it takes to replace each cartridge (and subsequently dispose of it). 

With a nitrous oxide tank, this is much less of a concern. Whilst they do require more storage space, they contain up to 100 times the amount of a standard charger. What’s more, you’ll never have to worry about wastage; simply use a pressure regulator and decide how much nitrous oxide you want to fill your dispenser with. 

At the end of the day, they both contain the same culinary-grade nitrous oxide gas and are game-changers when it comes to making fresh cream. The only question is, which one is right for you?

If you’re still unsure of which form of nitrous oxide is right for you, get in contact with us today at or drop us a call at +31 10 307 1006 and we’ll be happy to help.

At Holywell Enterprises, Customers Always Come First

At Holywell Enterprises, we are a proud nitrous oxide supplier with hundreds of returning customers throughout Europe’s hospitality sector; each eager to top up their business with bulk cream chargers and N2O tanks. 

Buy a professional whipped cream charger today and take your menu to the next level. 

At Holywell Enterprises, we supply a wide range of cream charger and N2O tanks to establishments across Europe; each often ordering dozens at a time. To discuss bulk orders in more detail, get in contact with us today and we can arrange a bespoke quote based on your order quantity.
Cream chargers are used in whipped cream dispensers to infuse gas into cream and create a pressurized environment, resulting in whipped cream. They are used in many bars & restaurants for ‘rapid flavour infusions’ to create the perfect beverage, cocktail & food flavourings.
In one N2O tank, you can expect anywhere between 80-100 times the amount of a regular N2O cream charger.